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author publicist steven law, author of yuma gold and el paso way

ISBN: 978-1930584358

Goldminds Publishing, LLC, November 26, 2013

Colt Ballard is a professional team roper with the talent to go all the way, but the loss of his parents from a car accident during his childhood has him fighting an emotional obstacle that keeps him from reaching the pinnacle of success.  After being pushed out by the PRCA Colt realizes his dilemma and accepts the advice of his late father's friend to take a summer job helping underprivileged kids at a rodeo camp in New Mexico. Though resistant to any likelihood of positive change, Colt agrees to the challenges of camp owner Casey McIntire, and ventures cautiously into the hearts and minds of those he's there to help, realizing they just might be helping him more. 



author publicist steven law, author of yuma gold and el paso way


















author publicist steven law

A vicious murderer and kidnapper and his ruthless sidekicks terrorize Arizona Territory for over a decade, but two victims, along with a sympathetic sheriff, form an unlikely alliance to bring an end to his evil reign.  As a young boy, Enrique Osorio witnessed the destruction of his entire family at the hands of Antonio Valdar, the Demon Warrior. Father Gaeta took him in, encouraging Enrique to wait for the right moment to confront Valdar man to man. But when Enrique meets Pang Lo, who lost his own father to Valdar, he knows his moment has come.  With Pang's mastery of martial arts and Enrique's hunting skills, they plan to catch the Demon Warrior before he reaches the Mexican border. With a determined Sheriff also tracking Valdar, Enrique and Pang pray for the justice they deserve, and fueled by a passion to make a blood thirsty killer finally taste his own blood...

The newly formed team of fighters are back in this sequel to El Paso Way, when Enrique Osorio travels to Hermosillo, Mexico, to follow up on a lead to the whereabouts of his grandfather.  He is drawn into a conflict between the owner of an orange plantation and a corrupt official, the latter of whom takes him prisoner for trying to interfere.  But his Papago friend, Sereno—no longer the wilderness boy sidekick but now a full grown man—sends a telegram to Tucson, luring the Chinaman Pang Lo to Hermosillo to take on this ruthless system that not only has all the intentions of taking over the hacienda, but all of Sonora.

author publicist steven law, author of yuma gold and el paso way

ISBN: 978-0425244500

Penguin Random House - Berkley, November 1, 2011


After serving an eight year sentence, for a crime he didn't commit, Ben Ruby is paroled from Yuma Territorial Prison.  Along with detailed knowledge of a 300 year-old Spanish Galleon buried in the dunes of Imperial Valley, Ben uses a treasure map, in the form of trinkets, to set out to find the ship.  If following up on an old tale wasn't difficult enough, Ben has to outrun the man that put him in prison, as well as a breach in a Colorado River dam that threatens to flood the entire valley.

author publicist steven law, author of yuma gold and el paso way

Goldminds (ReadWest), March 2011

On the day Trevor Hodge graduates from college his life is about to take a sudden turn, and it's not toward the big accounting job that he'd lined up. Surprised by a visitor at his college commencement, Trevor learns that his father, who he never knew, has died in an accident. Trevor is drawn by a subconscious and relentless yearning to go to Oklahoma to the funeral. He ultimately decides to stay the summer with his father's family and travel the rodeo circuit, where his father was a local hero. He falls in love with his lost family, with the rural atmosphere of Oklahoma, as well as a pretty half Choctaw barrel racer. But most of all Trevor faces an awakening he never expected, and one that leaves his family, and the town of Spiro, on the edge of their seats.

author publicist steven law, author of yuma gold and el paso way

YA Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-930584-05-1

Goldminds Publishing, LLC, July/August 2012


Against the wishes of his widowed mother, seventeen year-old Josh Timmons leaves her and his sisters behind to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a cowboy. A remarkable roping talent earns him a job on a cattle drive from New Mexico Territory to the Texas Panhandle under the leadership of famous cattle baron Charles Goodnight. The dark side of Josh's ambition is a hidden desire to one day avenge his father's murder, but the realities of the trail make all his desires much more difficult than he had ever imagined. Josh battles the pressures of being a rookie cowboy, the discomforts of riding drag, and the hazzards of inexperience, but the spirit of Goodnight's amazing lead steer, Old Blue, helps Josh face the toughest of trials, and the richest of rewards.